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  future stash... (Avg Rating: 4.1 in 12 votes)   B.F.E.
Descriptionmy attempt to fight the black market... i got 4 flouros, plus a reveal light bulb for better red spectrum light.
# Plants7
Strainshigh grade bag weed
Lights4x45W Flourescent, incadescant l
Mediummiracle grow: seed starter soil.
Yield5-7 Oz.
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my set up: this is the top of my you can see the vent and the incadescent lamp inside it. 06/13/04
inside setup inside are 4 undercabnit flourescents and up top is the lamp reflector. dont mind the wires 06/13/04
my buddies these are my 7 dudes that i hang out with, man i hope they are female 06/13/04
these are 2 of the older ones, 1 i think they r mostly indica b/c of the rounded leaf 06/13/04
two more the one in the back is older, a week old, the front one is about 4 days old 06/13/04
three little pigs these three are 4 days old, and i think they are sativa because of the pointed tips on the leaves, these things are the thirstiest MFers i have ever seen! 06/13/04
day 9 here's my garden two days later, they're lookin good! 06/16/04
numba one stunna this lady is the pick of the litter, she's off to a good healthy start just growin her third set of leaves (hopefully it's a lady...damn males) 06/16/04
big hopes out of the four younger ones, this one seems to be doin the best...we'll keep an eye on it to see what comes of it's yield (if any) 06/16/04
possible hermie? on it's second set of leaves, one side didnt grow...does that mean it's a hermaphrodite? 06/16/04

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