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  First Grow with some bag seed (Avg Rating: 5.6 in 16 votes)   under your nose--
DescriptionGrowing in a 2'foot wide by 7'foot tall by 4' long room, 400 hps batwing setup, pasive air, with a 300 cfm blower fan venting in to the atic, temp stays about 85- 95 depends on outside temp,using bat guano tea(17-5-4) and some other ferts like fish em.(8-0-0),to grow and i use bloom Builder schultz (10-52-10),schultz African Violet micro (8-14-9)to flower and what ever isnt nailed down. I started as seed outside, Let the stem get to be about half an inch thick, then moved her in to flower. She was about 14" tall, I no this is young cause the node's didn't alt...but its all about timming... right? man I should of waited!!
# Plants1
Strainssuper long flowering kind!! It takes forever!
Lights400w hps/mh use only HPS
Mediumsoil(SAND & HORSE SHIT )
Yieldletting dry first!
First Marijuana Picture

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1 one day before flowering..14" tall and just a baby, MAN I should have waited..Well I guess I will jst have to wait and see!!!! @!##$ 06/12/04
2 flowering for about 3 weeks..MAN this is my fav. pic see how the dig.- cam. picks up the light waves..I just like the profile shots... 06/12/04
3 flowering for 4 weeks, just came out for a pose!! 06/12/04
4 last week flowering for about 5 weeks, Did a flush just to be safe there is a total of 4 big buds in center and 5 med buds on the outsid...But there are also about 15-20 smaller buds in the middle, thats not counting the little baby baby's (he,he) 06/12/04
5 flowering for 6 weeks: If you look at the very tops, you can see those little tips, that started 5 days ago, they kinda look like shrooms. Its like it doesnt want to thicken up, just get bigger!! 06/13/04
6 Here is a close up ,well the best I could get with my cam. 06/14/04
7 If it was outside this is what the planes would see!! 06/14/04
8 Here is a pick of the main buds, not very fat ...yet.. 06/14/04
9 Here's what it looks like in the middle, lots of little buddies.. 06/14/04
10 Here are two, out of six of the medum buds...well there used to be six ..woops.. I kinda smoked one (it was good) 06/14/04

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