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  The Brad Pitt Of Marijuana Plants (Avg Rating: 5.6 in 29 votes)   Sothern New Mexico
DescriptionI have grown about 16 plants in my whole life and not one was as beautiful as this one.
# Plants1
StrainsA high grade sack
Lights900 trillion watt (sun)
MediumGreenleaf soil
Yielddunno yet
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The chosen one Threw 3 seeds in there 2 days ago popped up to say hello. 06/04/04
A sister Another one popped up but Im gonna kill the one who grows slower. well see. there both at 4 days old!! Ive gotta get some more of this weed man there growin fast. 06/04/04
The Rupaul of Marijuana Plants Found another seed in my sack, planted it and its a hermafrodite. I wanna keep it though, As an expiriment. 06/04/04
Just perfect Look at that perfectly cemetrical. Now at 2 weeks old. Killed the sister, I should of transplanted it in another pot but I got lazy. Sorry I havent updated but i needed a new camera cant use a disposible u gotta use a digital, cant let any 1 see ur pics. 06/04/04
Side view I am truley amazed at this plant it is perfect! Its an outdoor plant and it is growing 10 times faster than any indoor ive ever grown. I am now an outdoor grower. Probley gonna move it indoors though alot of cops are in my neighborhood and its gettin bigger and bigger. 06/04/04
Hermaphrodite heres the expiremental plant that i kept its at 3 1/2 weeks old and doin good so im keepen it i am currently transplanting the other one and should have a pic of it in about a week or so. The other one is huge already its at 5 weeks. 06/04/04
Transplant complete Ahhh finally got the transplant overwith. gettin big i think im overferting though.Im planning on moving it outside in the back of my yard where there are alot of other trees and stuff i dunno yet though. 06/04/04
Flowering day 24 Here it is almost done its been a while scince i updated, transplanted again into a 20 gallon tempol bucket. This is why i am growing outdoors, look at that, looks like a tree. 06/04/04
Fowering day12 Heres the hermaphrodite its gettin these wierd nodes but it should grow into good buds. 06/04/04
Well here it is this is the end result, it smells like bud everywhere in my house. And the hermaphrodite plant will be giving me even more Probley bout 3 or 4 more lbs. Im gonna make alot of money off of this i dont even smoke. 06/04/04

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