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DescriptionA Pictured tutorial on the method that I've found to work well for "me". Others have slightly differrent preferrences/ideas, and you may find that you like to scrape or scar the stems, or won't require a humidity dome under your conditions/environment. The key is to do it, experiment, tweak it, find "What works for you"
# Plants1
Lights2 cool tube 40 W fluorescents
Yield9 clones
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humidity domed I use plexiglass on top of the tupper ware container as a humidity dome. Remove it twice a day, for an hour or so, every day extending the time off, untill at the end of 7 days it can be removed completely. I only mist 'spareingly' if I see wilting dureing dome off. Clones need warm temps to root. 70-75 F is about ideal, in my experience. Roots should be visible in 7-10 days, another 7-10 they're ready for big pots. 04/13/04
planted press the medium firmly around the stem 04/13/04
planting holes should be large enuf that the stem slips easily in without scrapeing off the rooting hormone 04/13/04
Rooting hormone make sure the cut is well coated. I remove excess by tapping the cutting briskly with a flick of the finger 04/13/04
Ready cut hormoned and ready to plant 04/13/04
Final cut A final cut at a 45* angle underwater. Aids in prevention of an 'air bubble' blocking the mainstem 04/13/04
Cuts soaking I leave the cuts soak for 10-15 minutes in ph adjusted water. Lately I use a weakened kelp solution. I don't feel the kelp necessary however. 04/13/04
45* cut out of focus, but you can see the steep angle of the cut. 04/13/04
Trimmed cutting lower leaves trimmed off to accomodate planting. The spots where leaves have been taken provide growth spots for roots to start. With cuts like this scrapeing or scarification is not needed "IMHO" 04/13/04
Fresh cutting the cutting as it was taken from the donor plant 04/13/04

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