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  Hogdaddyz_1st_grow (Avg Rating: 7.2 in 26 votes)   Midwest USA
DescriptionThis is my first attempt at growing the wonderful bud we all love. There are 3 different varieties all used from some of the best smoke I have encountered in several years. One of the strains is an Indica but the other two strains are unknown to me. This is a closet setup w/ another separate closet for the mothers and clones. The first set of clones went into the hydro system 1/17/04 and they are going crazy growing 2 to 3 times faster than the organic plants. In fact, thinking about another hydro. I know 1000watts HPS is a lot for my closet which measures 30"x76"x8' tall but with the cage fan exhausting through the attic and fresh air coming in throught the floor from the basement the temps have been fine. Guess I have been lucky but have successfully cloned 19 little ladys with no casualties. Thank God. Hope you like the pics and will update the flowering and harvest shots in the near future. It's 2/4/04 and we just smoked some clippingsand good as hell...only leaves...who would of thought. I trimmed away the fan leaves and the buds received more light...good move for all you growers out there.the secondary leaves will produce better too...just..stick around..I will keep you posted...happy growing.
# Plants34
StrainsIndica, Shunk & unknown
LightsOne 1000w HPS &6 Floros
MediumHydro & mgp soil
YieldWe'll see...
First Marijuana Picture

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  Pictures (71 total)
1.5 weeks all of them just starting out with floros 02/01/04
Vegging just some of the veg shots 02/01/04
Vegging just some of the veg shots 02/01/04
Vegging just some of the veg shots 02/01/04
Mothers some of the mothers 02/01/04
the garden nice closet setup for a first timer 02/01/04
the garden nice closet setup for a first timer 02/01/04
Cage exhaust removed the ducting and temps were where I wanted them 68 to 78 exhaust worked better its a 256 cfm 02/01/04
1000w HPS Important to have fresh air and a fan or two to oxygenate the ladys 02/01/04
Flowering just started flowering...been in 12/12 1.5 weeks 02/01/04

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