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DescriptionHere are four plants that were started from seeds grown for personal use. I use 2 floro 24/0, heavy misting pure seltzer Co2, Distilled H20. |UPDATE| 01/01/04 I've built an enclosure in my closet and lined it with foil despite the bad rap, I feel that cooling and rotation might help to avoid any heat spotting. I wanted to speed things up. I intend on adding an HPS for flowering. |UPDTE|1/04/04 I have taken the four plants out of the enclosure as I noticed humidity was very high, so high it started to mold on top of the soil. Since then I've stopped misting as much. They are still looking healthy and growing at a normal rate.
# Plants4
StrainsBagseed UNK
Lights Floro
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Number 1 22 days 12/30/03
Number 3 22 days 12/30/03
Number 4 22 days 12/30/03
Number 1a 23 days 12/30/03
Number 1 24 days old, Rapid growth, compare to day 22 (Number 1) 12/31/03
New Home 25 days, enclosed, foiled, exhaust and more air flow added 12/31/03
NH 25 days 12/31/03
Top 25 days 12/31/03
NH1 25 days 12/31/03
NH2 25 days 12/31/03

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