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  Eden (Avg Rating: 7.9 in 29 votes)   California
DescriptionPlants started in February range from 3 to 11 feet long but are staked down to keep them under the 6 foot fence-line in my backyard. "Patch" covers an area 10x15 ft and includes 1 White Widow, 2 pure Indica, 1 Armageddon and 1 pure Sativa. Also two small clones of White Widow and Sativa buried in there somewhere. It is a jungle! Pictures show garden development after flowering starts.
# Plants7
StrainsIndica, White Widow, Armageddon and Sativa
Mediumgarden soil
YieldIndy-6oz Widow- 2lb
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  Pictures (17 total)
Sunrise in paradise It's a beautiful morning! 09/17/03
Indy Teenager Flowering 8/31/03 09/17/03
Red Beard Indy Indica bud 9/7/03 09/17/03
White Widow Cola Widow bud 9/17/03 09/17/03
Panorama Indy on the left, Armageddon in the middle and Sativa on the right 09/17/03
White Widow Teenager Flowering 8/31/03 09/17/03
Indy Cola Indy bud 9/17/03 09/17/03
White Widow Harvest Taking all of the colas with amber glands 09/23/03
Urban Guerilla Growers Close enough for you? 09/23/03
Lots of bud First harvest; only the mature colas from the one White Widow plant 09/23/03

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