What is a Vaporizer?

Simply put a vaporizer is any device that heats a substance, typically herbs or tobacco, to a point where the essential elements a user is trying to extract are released without burning the substance. This allows a person using a vaporizer to get more of the elements from their herbs they are looking for with less smoke and cancer causing agents like tar.

Do Vaporizers work?

This is the one question that most tokers are always asking. Many people have tried the "dome" style vaporizers like the BC vaporizer or other past vaporizers and have decided that vaporizers just don't work. Don't judge the box vaporizers based on these other vaporizers. The box vaporizer is the only vaporizer that can really reproduce the experience of smoking. The design allows you to take very large hits like you would with any water pipe and still produces no smoke. If you are a hard core toker and are reluctant to believe a vaporizer can work give the box a try. You won't be sorry! The box is the one vaporizer we have found that can reliably replace the water pipe of even the most hard core toker.

Is vaporizing more healthy than smoking?

This is yet to be fully decided and there are no claims anyone can make that vaporization is more healthy than smoking. There has been a MAPS Vaporization study however that has shown that Vaporizers Reduce Toxins in Marijuana smoke. Also if you ask any vaporizer user they will tell you that they caugh up less phlegm and generally feel it is better on the throat and lungs.

What types of Vaporizers exist

All vaporizers operate on the same general principles, however there are some differences in how the herbs are heated and the way in which the vapor is delivered to the lungs.
  • Indirect Heating - This is the method that the box and Vapor Doc both employ. With indirect heating the herbs themselves are not heated directly, ie they never touch a heating element. Instead glass is heated and then air is drawn over the glass to heat the air, this air then passes over the herbs heating them very rapidly and allowing them to release their essential elements. Indirect heating produces the very best vapor flavor possible.
  • Direct Heating - This is the method that the "dome" vaporizers use and some others on the market. With direct heating the herbs are placed on a metal plate and this plate is heated until the herbs begin to release their essential elements. This method works fine, however the taste created by this method is not nearly as nice as with the indirect heating, also having metal touching your herbs directly can sometimes cause them to burn, or create undesired flavors.
  • Direct Lung Delivery - This is the method that the box and Vapor Doc both use. In the direct delivery method the vapor is delivered to your lungs as soon as it is created, in fact with these two models you are actually creating the vapor as you draw the air. This method provides instant deliver for the freshest and best tasting vapor possible. This method also has the benefit of creating vapor hits that are as large as you can handle. As long as you can draw air over the herbs and there are herbs left to vaporize you can continue to get a hit.
  • Stored Vapor Delivery - This is the method that the "dome" vaporizers and the Volcano with it's balloon employ. In this method the vapor is created by the machine and captured in a glass dome or plastic bag for later inhalation. This method works fine and many people like it, however it does not always produce hits as large as the user would like and also has the drawback of having the vapor sitting around in a bag or dome possibly getting stale.

. Why Buy The Vaporizer?

The vaporizer is the original vaporizer of its kind. It uses hot air to extract the essence of your herbs and essential oils without burning. This allows you to get all the essence of your products without ingesting any unneeded plant matter.

The Vaporizers ceramic heating element has been fully redesigned specifically for this application providing the lowest failure rate of any vaporizer of its kind. They spent 3 years designing their latest proprietary ceramic heating element that they are calling natural mineral heating element. They also tested it extensively using 3rd party labs to verify that no toxins are released during vaporization. They are also very careful about how the unit is put together to assure no glues or other materials can enter your vapor. NONE of the competing units have gone through this extensive amount of testing or verifcation for your safety! Go with the Original and still the best.

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. Why Buy The Hands Free Vaporizer?

The Hands Free vaporizer is the best hands free unit on the market. With all the features of the standard and the added bonus of hands free operation!
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.double vaporizer The Double Vaporizer?

The Double Vaporizer is an instant favorite of anyone who uses it. The ability to draw off of two heating elements may seem overkill to some but once you use the double vaporizer you won't want to go back to a standard unit. Less waiting for yourself or entertain multiple tokers at once.
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.vapor doc. Why Buy The Vapor Doc Vaporizer?

The Vapor Doc vaporizer has been discontinued. We suggest the Vaporizer instead.

.vapordoc hands free. The VaporDoc Hands Free Vaporizer

The VaporDoc hands free vaporizer was the first vaporizer with an external hand piece to offer hands free vaporization. It has been discontinued and we suggest the Vaporizer hands free vaporizer.

.volcano. Why Buy The Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano vaporizer is the mercedes benz of vaporizers. Its as much status symbol as a vaporizer. Everyone you talk to who tries the volcano says it is the best they have had, so if you can afford the steep price tag, then add this vaporizer to your list of toys.

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MAPS/NORML Study Shows Vaporizers Reduce Toxins in Marijuana Smoke By Dale Gieringer, Ph.D. NORML California State Coordinator (

Medical marijuana patients may be able to protect themselves from harmful toxins in marijuana smoke by inhaling their medicine using an electric vaporizer, according to initial results of a study by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and California NORML. Research expenditures to date are roughly $50,000. The study showed that it is possible to vaporize medically active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by heating marijuana to a temperature short of the point of combustion, thereby eliminating or substantially reducing potentially harmful smoke toxins that are normally present in marijuana smoke. Vaporizers may therefore substantially reduce what is widely regarded as the leading health concern associated with marijuana, namely respiratory harm due to smoking. In addition, many medical marijuana patients say they prefer vaporizers because they deliver smoother, less irritating medication.

MAPS and NORML sponsored the study in the hopes of helping medical marijuana patients and others reduce the health risks of smoking marijuana. A major obstacle to approval of natural cannabis by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in its 1999 report, "Marijuana and Medicine," was that smoking is an "unhealthy" delivery method. The IOM report failed to note the possibility of vaporization. The MAPS-NORML study tested a device called the M1 Volatizer(R), an aromatherapy vaporizer developed by Alternative Delivery Systems, Inc. It consisted of an electric heating element in a chamber that radiates heat downwards over a sample of marijuana contained in a standard bowl. Output from the vaporizer was analyzed and compared to smoke produced by burning the sample.

The vaporizer produced THC at a temperature of 200° C. (392° F.) while completely eliminating three measured toxins - benzene, a known carcinogen, plus toluene and naphthalene. Temperatures of around 200° C. appear to be most efficient for vaporization. The potency of the cannabis in the study was on the order of 10% - 12%. Significant amounts of THC (around 5%-6%) begin to be released at 180° C., with slightly more (7% or 8%) at 200° C. Carbon monoxide and smoke tars were both qualitatively reduced by the vaporizer, but additional testing is needed to quantify the extent of the decrease.

The vaporizer study was undertaken as a follow-up to a previous MAPS-NORML marijuana smoking device study, which concluded that vaporizers offered the best prospects for smoke harm reduction: Vaporizer Study

MAPS and NORML are currently seeking support for further research and development of vaporizers. Research is presently underway to explore the optimal temperature and conditions for vaporization. An additional $85,000 is needed to provide accurate measurement of carbon monoxide and other toxins, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Further studies may be needed to explore alternative device designs and the effects of different consistencies, potencies and preparation methods of the samples of marijuana.

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vapor doc, and vapir vaporizers are for aromatherapy purposes only. They are not intended for any illegal use or for use with tobacco. Any statements regarding the healthiness of these products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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