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  Montie's Closet (Avg Rating: 6.6 in 72 votes)   UK
DescriptionThis is my 5th Plant. I have always grown one by one and I have been lucky with female plants, until my last. This low yield garden keeps my going with some nice bud. I have chosen SKUNK#1 as my 'breed' which I got from 'Dutch Passion' seeds. The seed is starting to germinate and I have prepared a pot ready for the baby.
# Plants1
Lights1X 150W HPS, 2X 4Ft+1X2FT Flouro
Medium50%Pottin Mix, 40%Pearlite
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Montie's Closet The Closet! Basic, but effective. I have attached 'Zip Clips', the plastic adjustable clippy things, to my lights so that I can raise them as the plant grows. 04/28/03
The Seed 2 Days into Germination- what else can I say- tis a seed. 04/28/03
New Seed Day Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long Story........... The previous picture shows the other seed that I tried to germinate. The reason I haven't updated the garden is because that seed decided to do nothing. After a week, I put in another one and that did nothing too. These two seeds in my opinion did look old and dry, they had cracks in the cases too. This wasn't the first out of the pack that I had trouble with either. In total 1 out of 5 seeds have germinated, the others have done f**k all. I contacted THC (The Highland Company) who acted as agent for 'Dutch Passion'(The Brand) and gave them a detailed explanation of the circumstances, not really expecting to recieve a refund or exchange. They didn't even have the courtesy to reply to me. I won't bother buying from them in the future, UNO CUSTOMER LOST! Anyway, here is phase two......on day RYHMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! This seed looked a lot different from the dry cracked ones I had dealt with previuosly. It was 'green and veiney' and the results look good already. 05/10/03
Seed 2- Day 3 I looked at the germinating seed and the root stork part was 1 inch and starting to bed into the tissue. Time me thinks to plant the baby! 05/11/03
Planted Mate. Lights- check, planted- check, watered- check, temperature- check. Looking good, the baby is in the pot. We have lift off........ 05/11/03
18hrs old! Less than a day after I planted the babe, it has popped up with it's little seed leaves and a pair of propar leaves are forming from within. Hopefully it will continue to show the eagerness to grow. 05/12/03
Day 2 Its growing. 24 Hour light cycle I prefer. Now its just a matter of it growing more. 05/13/03
Day 3 Don't look as if much has happened really. The leaves look a little bigger. 05/14/03
Day 6 Well, its going slow. The last couplke of days it didn't grow at all. Overnight though I noticed that the leaves increased in size. I changed the setup so that the HPS has priority, rather than the flouro- seems to have worked. Still, patience is a virtue 05/17/03
Day 7 Its starting to gather momentum. I can see the difference from overnight. 2nd node/section is visible and beginning to sprout. Just a shame that no f**ka appears to be looking at the garden and voting it. 4 votes, not worth me carrying on, me thinks. Tut 05/18/03

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