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  ON HOLD FOR NOW (Avg Rating: 0.0 in -14 votes)   7368 Hilton Blvd
DescriptionThis grow is on hold for now. Received some Serious Seeds Chronic and THSeeds Bubblegum, but I need to re-arrange my grow space. Can you say... grow ROOM? :)
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YieldGoal: 2oz per plant
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Box1.jpg A decent picture of my grow box when I had just finished construction. 10/27/02
Wheelbolts.jpg These are the bolts which hold the casters on. I used fender washers so there would be less risk of the wood splitting since they cover a greater surface area than regular washers. 10/27/02
Stuff1gk.jpg All my equipment piled into the box while I was setting up the area. 10/27/02
Supplies.jpg Most of my hydro supplies - Not including the containers, bubblers, air pumps, TDS meter or PH meter ect. I also ended up using regular plastic pots, I just drilled them the way I wanted the holes to be. I also painted the main hydro containers flat white to reflect the light. 10/27/02

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