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DescriptionI have two ladders and a 2x10 holding up a Son T Agro 400w Hps. The plants have their own room now, they were previously in a small clothing closet, they seem much happier now. There are five different strains two of which are Hindu Kush and Northern lights no.5 but5 I do not know which plants are which. They are sll flowering now and have been since the 6th of September. I think that some of them may already ne finished. I need good advice.
# Plants5
StrainsHindu Kush, NL#5, bagseeds
Lights1x400W HPS (Son-T-Agro)
Mediumsoil, hydropellets, moss,
Yield1-2 ounces
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Biglady This is a mystery bag seed. Looks good though. 10/27/02
Biglady Hedr is her big bud! 10/27/02
Bubblegum, or so it seems This one looks and smells like bubblegum I sure hope it is , how does it look? How much longer? 10/27/02
bubblegum one of the lower buds! 10/27/02
BUBBLEGUM this shot is with a lupe! 10/27/02
bubblegum sidebud closeup 10/27/02
bubblegum sidebud 10/27/02
bubblegum top closeup 10/27/02
bubblegum top 10/27/02
Early Sue nightshot 10/27/02

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