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  First Garden in a College Dorm (Avg Rating: 4.8 in 18 votes)   Hartford Conneticut
DescriptionWe got a trunk with 15 good kind bud seeds out of a premium stash of nug. We have a plant light that is 60 watts, black flourecent light and a regular 60 watt softg white light bulb. Each seed is in miracle grow, moisture control potting soil. Its indoor soil and we feel it will work good. All seeds are individual placed in seperate cups until we transfer them into something bigger. We have read up alot about this and we need more input so we get the best results.
# Plants15
StrainsUnknown kind bud
Lightsplantlight2x60, black flourecent
Mediummiracle grow soil
Yieldno sure yet
First Marijuana Picture

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Day1, September 26, 2002 This is a picture of first day of our growing setup, in the closet of our college dorm 09/26/02

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