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  The Power Grower Budding (Avg Rating: 6.0 in 38 votes)   California, USA
DescriptionA wonderful day in Berkeley as I was moving out of my pad, It started off with my roommate getting a hold of some seeds from a friend, he was gonna throw them out, but I put them to good use. We start off with A general Hydroponic System, MaxiBloom nutrients. Using Liquid Karma & Dark Energy as a growth stimulaters and Floralicious Bloom to kick the flavor up a notch and bloom blaster to finish it all off
# Plants6
Lights400W HPS Gavita
MediumRockwool Starters in Clay Pebble
YieldSoon we'll see
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Flowering Garden This is the front view of the Garden in flowering mode 09/22/02
Day One Forced Flowering The first day with the new HPS lights Lights are on a timer 12/12 09/22/02
First Female Plant Its hard to see the little hairs but they are there 09/26/02
Day five The hairs are starting to Form 09/26/02
Day Nine Look ma i'm eating ym greens 09/30/02
Two Females I think its time to name the plants 09/30/02
CREME DE GRAS 151 Rum Soaked in the Finest Fresh Canabis 10/02/02

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