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Description6x6 room with 2 ft ledges around the sides. This room was built specifically for my plants in the corner of my basement. I dywlled the outside of this room but left the inside with exposed studs. I stapled mylar all around the room except for the concrete walls... of course. I am using a 150 watt HPS for flowering and another one for vegging. I am in the process of setting up a spot for cloning and really am waiting on a good plant to snip from. I have carpet in a 1.5 ft sqaure that i stapled to the beams. This provides an almost light prrof barrier from the moms for flowering. The room stays at a constant 80 degrees F. It gets a little damp, but the humidifier works good for drying it up. I would like to get some larger lights for flowering and vegging, but that will come eventually. My girls seem to be doing pretty well under the current setup. I have learned so much from this site and want to thank all of you for your help. Without you guys this would never have happened. Thanks.
# Plants3
StrainsGood Shit from bag
Lights2x150W HPS
MediumMiracle Grow time release soil
First Marijuana Picture

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Grow Room This is the beginning of my cloning setup. You can barely see the two floros hanging from the top shelf. The bottom is nute storage 09/16/02
Grow Room Dehumidifier...gotta have it when you're in the basement. 09/16/02
Grow Room Thermometer and humidity gauge. Stays right around 80 degrees and 50% humidity. 09/16/02
Garden Her are my girls, all I am so proud to finally let someone see them. 09/16/02
Garden Top of the medium size plant. This plant bushed out better then the other one, but it's shorter by about a foot. Kind of a bad picture but there are better ones. 09/16/02
Garden Better Pictures. She's only been flowering since 09-01 and these were taken on the 12th. 09/16/02
Garden Pretty nice looking bud for only twelve days. 09/16/02
Garden Ahhh... refreshment. 09/16/02
Garden Same bud, one week later. 09/16/02
Garden Tops, looking down. 09/16/02

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