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  My Little Hobby (Avg Rating: 8.5 in 95 votes)   Australia
DescriptionSmall garden for personal smoko. Number of plants varies depending on system. Also grow a couple outdoor plants for a bit of variety.
# Plants0
LightsSunmaster HID's, wide range
Mediumexpanded clay/soil
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Freshly Prepared A cola from the smaller of my first two hydro plants. 09/08/02
the larger ladie I was always told the larger ladies were more fun. Some more nice buds from my first hydro grow. 09/08/02
an excellent hobby indeed! Sure beats paying someone else. Products of the same bubbler system. 09/08/02
Ladies Exposed Garden is 3'sq. These sativas are a strain I have found that grow BIG. These 2 yeided 12 oz dried and prooved hard to manage indoors using the bubbler system with a 400 Sunmaster MH. 09/08/02
Doin Fine Inside@ 7 weeks flower, even under a 400 MH, these buds got big. Centre bud went 47g dry. 09/08/02
Genetic Trendsetter This one had quad node sites (note four fan leaves), however its mother and all clones taken did not continue trait. 09/08/02
Nice'n'Tight Gotta love that smell. Product of the Bubblers under a 400MH. 09/10/02
Outdoors The suns buds always have that sweet taste! 09/13/02
TimeOut My baby. She's 2mx1m, has 24 5"orchid pots and takes 2mins to convert from flood and drain to nft. I usually use a 1000 watt sunmaster dual spec.MH. over her for the wacky, 600watt sunmaster HPS for orchids or Mr sun for me vegies. Unfortunately she goes on holiday through the warmer months. These vegies have been in for 3 weeks from market baught soil seedling punnets. 09/18/02
Inside with HPS Another grow strictly HPS. Two sativa sisters in duch pots. 09/29/02

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