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  plant1 (Avg Rating: 4.6 in 18 votes)   Cumberland County, Maine
DescriptionFirst time grower, growing 8 plants indoors. This is just one of the plants obviously, but is a good example of the remaining seven. All eight are 12 weeks old, and have been grown on 24 hours of light, only using 2 33watt and 3 20watt, 24 inch flouro plant lights I purchased at Walmart for about $12USD each. Because of my apartment situation where all utilities are paid for in the months rent, I cant risk using high wattage bulbs for long periods of time. However, plan on using a 500Watt Mercury vapor for flowering. Soil has been Schultz Moisture Plus potting soil. Also during watering, I'll add Schultz Bloom Plus, once or twice a week in the recommended dose indicated for house plants on the reverse label.
# Plants8
Strainsmisc. bag seed
Lights2 33Watt,, 3 20Watt floros
MediumSchultz Moisture+ potting soil
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Plant 1 09/04/02

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