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  flyin' high (Avg Rating: 7.6 in 43 votes)   Rockies
DescriptionThese girls are coming to you from the Rockies and were grown under a 1000 watt HPS Hortilux. They are in 5 gallon pots, using blood meal fertilizer during the vegative stage and a special blooming formula for the flowering stage. This was my first time growing so there were a few mistakes;(such as magnesium deficency and over fertilizing)But they sure have a lot of crystals!!
# Plants5
Strainsvariety of kind seeds
Lights1000W HPS
Mediumjungle growth potting soil
Yield12 ounces
First Marijuana Picture

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  Pictures (19 total)
pic 1 about one and a half months into flowering 07/31/02
pic 2 crystal coated lil nug 07/31/02
pic 3 this is one of the 10 tops of the Bonzai! 08/01/02
pic 4 another Bonzai nug 08/01/02
pic 5 harvest time 08/01/02
Rocky Mountain Orange This top cured with so many orange hairs that you could barely see green!! 08/01/02
garden 1 The middle plant was tied down to create the Bonzai 08/01/02
garden 2 Sea of green 08/01/02
garden 3 under the sun 08/01/02
garden 4 another garden pic 08/01/02

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