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  Blueberry Close to harvest (Avg Rating: 5.9 in 39 votes)   Ummm
DescriptionHere is my first try with Aero ponics, The Blueberry is growing in an Aero 4 and I also cloned some Kevorkian and put them to work in a Rainforest 66, they are under a 500 watt full spectrum light (MH & HPS combined)
# Plants10
StrainsKevorkian from World Wide Seeds and DPs Blueberry
Lights500 watt full spectrum MH&HPS
MediumGrow Rocks
Yield16 ozs
First Marijuana Picture

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Kevorkian This is a shot of the Kevorkian growing the Rainforest66, theplants stretched, cause I did not have enough watts, but they still produced real well in the end. 07/31/02
Blueberry The Blueberry was not as hard to grow as everyone said 07/31/02
Close to harvest Not to bad for my first attempt at Aeroponics 07/31/02
Close up. Note the Close up Note the full spectrum 500 watter, I still need more watts to stop the stretching, I also figured out that I had to increase my ppms to stop the stretching 07/31/02

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