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  Sunstream 3'x3' F&D hydro (Avg Rating: 7.6 in 19 votes)   Houston, Tx
DescriptionThis is my 3'x3' hydro system using the sunstream F&D table. I've added mylar boards and a custom aluminium tray insert which holds 18 plants or 2 PSF for a SOG
# Plants18
StrainsMaster Kush
Lights400W HPS
MediumGrow rocks (clay pebbles)
Yield2.2 OZ per plant or 36oz
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overhead shot of the tray, plant plants growing in tray at 1 month 07/28/02
front shot of garden a 40 gallon reservoir sits at bottom with nutes ppm at 980 using Ionic Hardwater grow. 07/28/02
root mat after 1 week The tray insert was recently added, but after adding this new tray insert, roots exploded out, the tray insert which I made, does not come with this table made a huge difference! 08/02/02

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