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DescriptionNaughty naughty jungle of love... =]~ I will put up some bud pics as soon as I get an editor all the bud pics seems to be in the 325k range .....
# Plants9
Lights400W MH
MediumHydrorox - --> Soil/Verm/Perl
First Marijuana Picture

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Starting out Started out with 20 seeds and transplanted them into various containers under a 400 W Metal Halide and let mother nature take its course with a little help from peter's 20-20-20 w/ micronutrients. 07/10/02
More Vegetative Growth A little over a month in vegetative changed things around tried to devise my own flood and drain system but failed miserably so I'm not going into details about it. And I'd appreciate it if you'd stay out of my personal affairs LoL jk =]~ 07/10/02
Another Vegetative shot About a month and a half in things seems to be back to growing after the root problems I incurred in pic 2. 07/10/02
Another Vegetative shot sideview Sideview of pic 3 07/10/02
Early budding Destroyed the males (11) kept the females (9) not bad if I say so almost that 50% that everyone talks about. 07/10/02
Buds Buds 07/12/02
Buds More Buds 07/12/02
Buds Even more buds 07/12/02
Buds Another shot 07/12/02
Buds Pretty Mary Sunshine 07/12/02

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