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  Backyard Trees (Avg Rating: 7.3 in 115 votes)   Great Lakes
DescriptionMy deck garden. I have several plants but im only showing the biggest ones.
# Plants3
StrainsRandom seeds (??)
MediumMiracle Grow Potting Soil
Yieldhopefully a lot
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aprox. 2 months old This photo was taken after 2 months of growth. Just pinched the tops. Both plants were also juiced with some miracle gro. 07/04/02
1 week later The plant is filling out nice. Each plant has 6 main branches. 07/04/02
Lookin Pretty at 3 months old The plants were topped again. and given a drink of miracle gro. I also tied back the plants to allow more light to the plants. Clipped lower side braches. I keep the ones that come off of the main branches. 07/04/02
Started on or about May 1st It's not too big here but it has grown up quite a bit. gets the same care as the bigger plant. 07/05/02
Smaller plant July 4th Getting bigger. Needs to be transplanted into bigger pot. I bought the shit, just need to do it. I Pinched the tops today also. 07/05/02
Smaller plant July 5th Just dusted with Sevin. Seems to work well. This plant has 4 main branches. It has a very uniform shape. 07/05/02
Big Plant July 5th I just transplanted the plant into a much larger pot. It was totally root-bound. I also dusted with Sevin. Should have 12 branches each soon. 07/05/02
Smaller plant July 7th I just transplanted the smaller plant into a very large pot. It took over 2 cubic feet of soil mix. Its already branched out into 8 branches. 07/07/02
Big Plant July 10th These plants seem bigger everytime I look at them. New growth branches look very strong. 07/10/02
Smaller Plant July10th This plant is getting to be taller than the others. It's definitely a different variety. 07/10/02

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