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Descriptionok so about a month ago i got my feminized cheese kush seeds from and my plants are looking beautiful, to be safe since im a noobie i germinated them in groups of four so i have 3 plants that are pushing a month and 4 that are pushing 3 weeks, i did and am still doing as much research as possible, i havent constructed my flowering room yet but i have most materials needed so thats coming soon, i plan to clip clones from my best plant out of the 7 in a month and hopefully flower 16 plants, the space i have for flowering is 6 by 7 feet and i plan to use a 1000w hps, will this do?
# Plants7
Strainscheese kush
Lights4 30w flourecent
Mediumgrodan rockwool
Yieldhoping for 16 pounds
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veg. room 4 30w flourecent 05/27/10
the crop 3 month old and 4 three week old, the little guy in the medicine cup is 3 weeks but just aint keep up with his siblings 05/27/10
the future mother its between the middle one or the one to the right of it, i think il take clones from both and see which yields best 05/27/10

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