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  My brothers first real grow (Avg Rating: 6.5 in 2 votes)   Washington
DescriptionThis is my brothers garden start. He has the fortune of being able to toss a seed in to soil and not only have it florish, but turn out female three times in a row. Random bag seed, mainly breaking in his new 150w hps light. We've done fluerescents till now. I plan to use 400w hps myself. I have gone over to his place sometimes daily to document and stare at his creations. I can't wait to get started. Taking a clone from him as soon as his mother is ready for it.
# Plants3
StrainsD's Taint (bag seed)
LightsFluerescent and 150w HPS
Yieldnot sure maybe a quarter
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Near done Getting close and the plant doing the limbo is another female he had jokingly planted outfront, it sprouted but was stunted, he nursed it back to health, now is training it sideways 07/23/09
Seedling and Veg/Mother chamber Second picture after breaking ground, in the backround you can see the old speaker casing he has converted into a veg/mother chamber. 2ft fluerescent in there. 07/23/09
Flower Chamber I think it is 3' by 2.5'? He is running a pc fan for exhaust with an inlet next to it for circulation. The exhaust fan blows on to the 150w hps light. Back wall in foil..reflector tape on the reflector board. 07/23/09
Healthy two weeks Here is the plant at two weeks of vegging. No nutrients, cheap store bought soil. He has only topped it once. 07/23/09
1 month of the chamber w So, one month under the fluerescents. No nutes. No topping past the first. 07/23/09
3 weeks into floweing This is week three of flowering. He has pulled it over for height reason and to try some training. 07/23/09
Top growth 6 weeks in, here is some of the top growth. These are from my camera phone. My grow at home will have acess to a digital camera of higher quality. 07/23/09

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