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Description1st grow for me. I started the grow about 2 1/2 months ago with 5 seedlings. Plants looked great during vegetative period and I started to flower about 4 weeks into grow. After changing light cycles I found I had 2 strong females in about a week. At least that's what I thought at the time. One is a sativa and the other is an indica. During the stretching period the sativa grew up into the light and I had to crop the top. Somewhere during the bloom they got stressed because I have now found seeds in both plants. I'm thinking it was a combination of a nutrient build up and stress from the light cycle change. During the same time I noticed the seeds I also noticed a stop in bud growth. So I flushed the plants and have had them on straight water for the last couple weeks. Now I think I'm nearing harvest in coming weeks. These pics were just taking today and I don't have any from the earlier stages.
# Plants2
Strainsbag seed
Lights400 watt hps and sunlite flouros
Mediumrockwool and clay pellats
Yieldnot sure yet
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set up the set up 07/19/09
indica indica in front. sativa in back 07/19/09
sativa sativa 07/19/09
sativa close up 07/19/09
indica close up 07/19/09
fan leaves fan leaves 07/19/09
fan leaf close up 07/19/09

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