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  first grow mini fridge 150w hps (Avg Rating: 4.5 in 16 votes)   west virginia, USA
DescriptionI have one plant and have built a mini fridge grow box. It has been growing for about 3 to 4 weeks.
# Plants1
Lights150w hps
Yieldnone yet
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intake outtake The holes I cut to install my fans 06/22/08
Just starting This is my plant after 1 to 2 weeks 06/22/08
recent pic of set up My plant under two daylight 23w cfl's 06/22/08
MG DEFICIENCY??? HELP This has been such a problem for about a week now. I used epson salt 1/2 tblspoon to my gallon of water last week and it hasn't helped. I also am using alittle superthrive. What should i do??? 06/22/08
hands on touch it really was taking off when it first started growing. Im stumped on what to do. Ive done everything i can think of. If anyone knows what is causing this i need help. 06/22/08

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