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  My first hydro garden. (Avg Rating: 7.7 in 68 votes)   smalltown U.S.A.
DescriptionI made my own hydro system from parts I got from hardware stores, and other stores around where I live. I used panda film and mylar to reflect the light back on the plants. I'm starting the Veg stage with a drip system, made of parts that was easy to find. My veg room is 5 foot x 3 foot, with room to put 8 plants. The trays that I'm using are $15.00 rabbit cage trays 30x36 inch. I drilled 1/4 inches holes on the inside for drainage to a 24x24inch tray. It catches the water and drains it back to the 20 gallon tote resevior. I have two 8 head manifolds, and two 4 head maifolds to my dripper system. I'm using a 265 gallon pump to water them three times a day, for 1/2 hour at a time. I'm using General hydroponics FloraGro, and FloraMicro to grow with.I will grow them to, about two months old and clone them to see what sex they are. Then only keeping the females. I will clone the females,and grow them for two months. Then I will use FloraBloom, and FloraMicro to flower buds.
# Plants3
Strains2 white widows, 1 northern lights, all females
Lights4 foot fluorescents/ 1 430w HPS
Medium 4x4 Rockwool and hydroton
YieldW.W. 9 oz's N.L. 2.3oz's
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my veg room It might not be pretty, but It will work for me. It only cost me $200.00 to build it. 06/08/08
my Northern It is only one day old. Now I will keep the lights 4 inches from the tops. This will let them grow big thick bushes with lots of tops for flowering. 06/08/08
at one week/ Norhtern might have to move into a large pots soon. They are growing so fast and a very strong strain 06/08/08
two weeks They are growing very fast and I had to move them in to pots alot sooner. The roots was growing out the bottom of the 4 inch rockwool cubes. As long as I keep the lights at 4 inches they will get bushy. 06/08/08
One of my White Widows The are as fast growing as the Notherns, hope to keep two mothers of these. 06/08/08
my girls are growing nicely This just three weeks in, and they are growing really nice. 06/15/08
one of my girl I'm so happy to see that I'm on the right track. Now all I have to do is just keep them growing. 06/15/08
one of my N.L. This is pure Northern Light strain, no crosses here. 06/15/08
All White Widow no cross here They are really good F1 hybrids 06/15/08
my babes Just 1 month old, and now they are taking off. I must know what I am doing? I'm just winging it. Hoping to cut clones them sex them in one more month. 06/20/08

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