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DescriptionOk so I decided to grow a plant under the worst conditions I thought I could sucksessfully grow the damn thing in and I must say, the results are coming out quite nice. I have one plant that I am growing entirely with one 15" flourescent light. I vegged it on a 24 hour light cycle for about 2.5 months and I have been flowering it on a 12 hour cycle for about two months now (since March 1). I am using regular commercial crap soil from wal mart or somewhere and I have been using some shitty pre mixed miracle grow crap since it started flowing but no ferts before. This whole little shindig is tucked away in the corner of my room, looking very inconspicuous behind a super sweet camo bed sheet. I really did not expect to get much, as this is just a trial run for a real grow session next time. Oh yeah, and the seeds are from a bag of seedy BC bud I got a long time ago. But as far as I can tell, I don't think they are supposed to smell like hay like everything I usually see. So even though my ghetto grow might suck ass, it might still be better than a bag of that crappy ass industrial canadian weed that comes over here soggy as hell and kif-less. Check the pics, you might be a little impressed with the outcome of such a shitty grow. They are not done yet but are looking good so far.
# Plants1
StrainsBC bud
Lights1 15 inch flourescent
Mediumshitty comercial soil
Yieldprobably about 1/4 ounce
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  Pictures (14 total)
1 I started 2, but this one didn't make it. 04/19/07
2 this one will turn out to be b e a utiful. 04/19/07
3 a little bigger 04/19/07
4 keep on keeping on 04/19/07
5 ok now we're talking serious 04/19/07
6 first signs of flowering 04/19/07
7 a little closer view of the top 04/19/07
8 oooh, starting to get a little prettier 04/19/07
9 look at those pretty bud sites 04/19/07
10 a week or so later, getting really nice looking now 04/19/07

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