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DescriptionThis is my first successful try at cloning - Got a few Skunk #1 and Fruity Juice clones - also filled out the garden with some bubble gum seeds and Skunk #1 from seed. Used mostly organic, with a few supplements for flowering. Next time will go total organic, this time playing around a little bit.
# Plants9
Strains3 FJ, 4 Skunk #1, 2 Bubble Gum
Lights1 - 400W HPS
MediumNew Age mix and worm shit
Yield6 - 8 oz
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Water setup I use this to get our tap water down to 10 ppm - clean slate to play with 04/09/07
Lil guys Started these guys from seeds. Using plastic is a bad idea though. I had no problems, kept the smell down, but the stuff can melt. 04/09/07
3 weeks These guys have jist about outgrown the incubator. Time to move them to the real grow area 04/09/07
Ventilation Carbon filter and fan. Keeps the smell and humidity down in the cramped space that I (we all) use. 04/09/07
Nutrient tank Mix everything up in here and set it on a timer. I only visit the girls every other day or so. The tank is a bubbling cauldron of microbial, organic, humic, stank. Great tuff. 04/09/07
4 weeks flower This is about 4 weeks flower or so. The clones are in front and (almost hidden) in back. Plants reaching the light are from seed. Clones are 2-3 weeks ahead of the seed plants 04/09/07
Skunk #1 and Bubble Gum The ladies starting to fill out. Both have been topped and bent over to limit height. Inspired by Mr. Douglas and his green acre. That man is a god. Faaaaaaaaaaarm livin' is the life for me. 04/09/07
Temp and humidity Lookin good in the garden 04/10/07
Irrigation This is the main line that penetrates the white foam wall, and the dripper that feeds the plants. each dripper is a circle of four tees 04/10/07
fan and dehumidfy The oscillating fan keeps air moving around, and I added a dehumidifier after some bud rot last year. The dehumidifier blows warm, dry air up to the fan and the fan moves it over the buds. Both Wal-Mart specials. 04/10/07

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