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  SMALL CLOSET SETUP - Let me know how I'm doing by voting! (Avg Rating: 6.3 in 12 votes)   Salisbury, Maryland
DescriptionThis is my first time growing ever. I had an empty spare bedroom closet and some seeds I found in a bag and figured what the hell... if it works Ill buy some good seeds next time. This is basically a trial run. I am working with all flourescent lights... maybe I need to invest in an HPS but then I would also need a ventilation system. All I am working with now is a small circulating fan and leaving the door open for a few hours each day. I am watering once a week so far. Grow little guys GROW! The best part is my girlfriend bought me everything in the closet and said as long as I do all the work and she gets to have some fun in the end its all good. She is a keeper!
# Plants4
StrainsBag Seed (first timer)
LightsLots of Flourescents!
MediumMiracle Grow Potting Soil
YieldHopefully two oz's
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Day 1 Just planted the little guys! Just some seeds found in a bag but hey its my first time. Gonna buy some kick ass ones next time if all goes well. 03/27/07
Day 4 Day 4 - The little guy is pokin his head out of the dirt! 03/27/07
Day 7 Day 7 - Little more growth! Keep goin' little buddy! 03/27/07
Day 13 Day 13 - Well I thought my plants were getting too tall too fast and read that could be due to a lack of intensity in the light provided. So I added more light! The little guy is likin' it! 03/27/07
Day 13 Day 13 - Just giving you an idea of how tall the little guy is getting. He is my pride and joy, but I am a little worried because some people have huge plants after two weeks. (or so they say its only been two weeks) He was planted 13 days ago but has only been poking out of the soil for 9 days. I think the little guy is doing just fine though. 03/27/07
Day 13 Day 13 - Compared to the first day, I have added 3 more 75 watt Flouro's. Hope they keep the little girls happy. They are def. growing better! 03/27/07
Day 14 Day 14 - I am still wondering if I need more light?? Looks pretty good though 03/27/07
Day 15 I decided to add a 42W Compact Flourescent light I saw at Walmart for $8. It is super bright and I have noticed improved growth in only been 24 hours! I highly recommend these to anyone trying to grow with Flouro's. 03/27/07
Day 15 Just an overall view of closet set up. I finally think I am happy with the amount of light and the way everything is positioned. I just need to be more patient, I come to check on the little guys 5 - 6 times a day. And they are always right where I left em... ha ha I just can't wait to see plants that are like a foot tall! 03/27/07
Temperature / Humidity My girlfriend bought me this digital temperature / humidity monitor. She kicks ass! My garden basically hovers around 80 degrees give or take a few for night and day. And the humidity is pretty constant always in the 40% - 50% range. I think thats good for only having a fan and not really controlling the humidity at all. 03/27/07

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