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DescriptionGrow area is small closet (roughly 2' deep x 4' wide x 6' tall) lined with black/white plastic. Plants are in grow bags sitting in a 7' deep plastic container about the area of the closet floor. I set this plastic container on a homemade bench in order to give me about 10' of storage space underneath. I'll be buying a circulation fan on saturday. I started germinating the seeds in soil on Feb 23 for refference. I'll Post more pictures as i take them. Unfortunately the only camera i have is on my phone, so picture quality will be low for a little while
# Plants8
StrainsVarious Bag Seeds
Lights250W HPS
MediumFoxFarm Ocean Forrest Soil
YieldHoping for 1/4 Pound+
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Transplant Day (Day 14) Sorry this is the only picture i have to show right now. This is the strongest of the 8 plants just before i moved the bunch from thier germination cups to grow bags. 03/15/07
Veggin' (Day 21) This is a decent view of most of the plants. I'll see if i can get a better one soon. 03/15/07
Canopy Shot (Day 23) Look at how much they've grown in two days! I get giddy just looking at them! 03/18/07
From the Doorway (Day 23) I am Pretty sure you can see the fan i added on the Left hand side of the picture. Hopefully it will make for stronger stems. 03/18/07
Strongest Plant Top (Day 23) This is the same plant From the first picture. It's thickened up quite nicely over the last 9 days. 03/18/07
Strongest Plant Side (Day 23) A side view of the Strongest plant. I'm impressed with the secondary growth. Looks like a lot of bud sites if this one is a female. 03/18/07
The Whole Lot (Day 25) We Started flowering on the next cycle, so we decided to pull them all out and get rid of the weakest. I crossed out the one we pulled 03/21/07
Side View #2 (Day 25) This is the same plant that got the profile view a few days ago. It's getting pretty damn big now. 03/21/07

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