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  Garden of Weedin (Avg Rating: 5.5 in 2 votes)   heart of it all
DescriptionOne plant hidden inside another.. pretty clever huh?
# Plants1
Strainsdon't know but it smells good
Yielddon't know yet
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shhhhhhhhhhh hope it's a girl 07/27/06
getting bigger3 Well this is the last pic I took. Yesterday I unfortunately broke the whole top of the plant off. Wahhhhhh!!! 08/01/06
babygotback3 Well she's made a nice recovery after I almost murdered her last month. Now it's a race against time to see if she can set bud before her camo falls off... 08/29/06
bit blurry sorry this pic isn't so good, but maybe you can see where the top bud is beginning to form 09/19/06
maybe better than the last one same plant different day lol 09/21/06
fourth week of flowering Both stems now have little buds on them, but no sign yet of any resin. I think we are about half way there. 10/01/06

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