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  BAGSEED OF THE WOODS (Avg Rating: 6.3 in 10 votes)   south of heaven
Descriptionwell, started off as an indoor deal until my mom found out(heh i got to move out), got them in a place full of black berry briers and creepers-there safe.
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Lightsthe infernal sun
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about 4 weeks heres plant #1(from the 17th) at about four weeks,if it seems like it should be bigger its because it went a week with window light(before it was moved.) i'll have some pics of the rest tomarrow(nocturnal pics to come) 07/18/06
plant #1 on the 18th you can see that the two new sets of leaves have 5 fans 07/18/06
plant #3 heh still very little, dont know why, its just as old as #1(skiped #2 because i moved it to a differnt location in the woods and i cant find my way there in the dark). 07/18/06
plant #4 on 18th growing much faster then the rest with the exception of #5 07/18/06
plant #5 on the 18th all the old leaves are dieing off on this one and has spots on the leaves, owell(heh). 07/18/06
plant#1 august 2nd pic 1 wow, this plant is starting to look nice, top leaves have 5 fans, no bug damage, no necrotic leaves. 08/02/06
plant#1 august 2nd pic2 top view 08/02/06
plant#2 august 2nd finally, first pic of #2, well its a pretty ugly plant, growing very deformed and vine like(heh was more deform before). we'll just have to wait a see what becomes of this. 08/02/06
plant #4 august 2 has grown a little, has a new set of leaves, looks a little pale. 08/02/06
plant #5 august 2 this plant is looking much better, spots are still present on old leaves but they have doubled in size, leaves are thick and dark green. 08/02/06

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