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  First timer (Avg Rating: 8.1 in 31 votes)   Somewhere, CA
DescriptionThis is my first time growing plants. This point they are at 8 weeks into flowering, were veged for like 6 weeks, so do the math how old they are. Lemme know what you think. They are all about 3 feet tall, cept one is a few inches shorter.
# Plants4
StrainsMango x Purple Haze
Lights600w HPS
MediumFox Farm's Ocean Forest Soil
YieldOver 8 oz.
First Marijuana Picture

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5 Weeks of veg... 07/11/06
5 weeks... 07/11/06
5 weeks, hes chillin 07/11/06
2nd Pick of the first plant show 07/11/06
2nd Week of flowering Things really sky rocketed through like the 6th week of veg, and the 1st week of 12/12 to create these. Enjoy the cycle, Ill keep it updated too. 07/11/06
3 Weeks flowering... 07/11/06
4 Weeks flowering... 07/11/06
4 Week shot, just some photograp 07/11/06
The Fam at 4 07/11/06
5 Weeks flowering... Last pick I took, ill take another at 6, ill probly let em go to 8, ill see at 7, hehe, lemme know what you think. Tallest plant is 30 and a 1/2 inches. 07/11/06

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