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DescriptionThis is my grow fridge and grow box , the fridge has 4 18w fluros on a ally frame i made that hang in the main fridge section the air inlet is at the bottom of the fridge and goes threw to the freezer at the top and out the top of the freezer where the exhuast fan is . the frezzer has a round fluro in it for clones . In the big box (i built it from the design in FAQ) i have a screen sitting about 200mm above the ply and fibre glass flood and drain tray and 400w hps up top with ducting coming out off the light shade and sucked out by a fan and then it goes into the ceiling . This will be my first grow with seeds from a seed bank , i got b52 and ak48 from nirvana and i got white label double gum from gypsey nirvana and a free mix bag from sagramartha seeds .
# Plants13
StrainsAK48 , B52 and double gum
Lights400w hps sun T agro / 4 x 18w fl
Mediumsoil and expanded clay balls
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about 1 week since they poped double gum on the left b52 on the right 07/01/06
all 3 trays the tray on the right has my last 3 ak seed in it 07/01/06
ak48 these 2 are about 4-5 weeks old , they are still on vegg they showed sex at about three weeks old 1 male 1 female im going to get clones of the female then seed the left over of her . 07/01/06
mutant this is a double gum it has got 3 water leaves and the first set of leaves also came out in three 07/01/06
new fluro 120w 6400k its going in the fridge with the other 4 18w fluros 07/15/06
box . 07/15/06
light 07/15/06
the light is in 07/15/06
about 3 weeks double gum is on the left and the b52 on the right 07/15/06
double gum 07/15/06

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