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DescriptionI started 3 plants from bagseed in early martch. They grew rather slow at first, but after I moved them outside, they exploded. I germinated them in damp paper towels in a tupperware container for a few days. then placed next to window. Watered every few days, but did not have a fan so stems were weak. After a few weeks they were on their fifth set of three prong leaves and i toped them, then about 3 weeks later i toped them again. In mid april i put them outside in a cowfield. i checked on them about a week and a half later after they went that time without water, all but one was dry, and appeared to be one stick, standing in a pot. oh well, i have one good one now. here are the pictures. no ferts are used, this is my second attempt so it might be worth it this time. the problem i have is this dry florida summer, but i think the plant will be okay by itself, as long as cows and deer or any other wildlife doesnt find it. pissed next to the trees and palmeto(idk if spelled right)surrounding the plant. thinking of putting some used soap too.
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Mediumpotting soil
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early april this is my plant in early april, very small and weak. grown next to a window, it gets poor sunlight. just toped it. 05/14/06
may12 this is it may12th. as you see it has started to alt the nodes. thought it would get biger before it did this. 05/14/06
may12b me love'n on my baby at may12th. you can see how much better it is doing outside. i hope to get more and better pictures, but these cellphone pics are the best i can get so far. 05/14/06

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