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DescriptionThis grow is a total form 8 plants, from random seeds I found around my room over the course of a year. Out of the 8 4 were male and 3 were hermies due to light leaks, only one girl made it. There are under a 400 watt MH during veg. and a 400 watt HPS will be used during flower. I will start flower when veg. height reaches 2 feet since this grow has to be complete by the end of july =). The soil is foxfarm and I water with a 1/4 teaspoon of superthrive twice a week, and I only water when I stick my finger in the dirt and feel no moisture. Lights are on nonstop during the veg. stage. ****************************************Disclaimer: The text and pictures posted by this user(Althalus) are entirely fictional. All pictures of cannabis and cannabis cultivation have been obtained from a jurisdiction in which cultivation and possession of cannabis is entirely legal. All posts are for entertainment purposes and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this user.
# Plants1
Lights400W MH& 400W HPS. Floralux
MediumFoxfarm Soil
Yield2-3 oz(projection)
First Marijuana Picture

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Overhead View At 1 1/2 weeks. 05/13/06
Plant #1 At 1 1/2 weeks. 05/13/06
Plant #2 At 1 1/2 weeks. 05/13/06
Plant #3 At 1 1/2 weeks. Notice the slight curling and warping of the leaves..i think its just genetics. 05/13/06
Plant #4 At 1 1/2 weeks. This leaf curl is more prominent here, I also attribute it to genetics since one of my other plants in the garden is this variety and exhibts the same leaf curl pattern...interestin'. 05/13/06
Comparison Pic At 1 1/2 weeks. My best babe in compared to a miller highlife bottle. 05/13/06
Overhead View 2.5 wks Here is the overhead view of my garden lost one seedling and I replanted a seed in that spot from a bag I purchased that morning, this grow is teaching me how easy germination is, I just put it in the soil and poured a bunch of water over it...2 days later and it popped. Three of my plants are thriving but I am getting some yellowing of the bottom leaves, so I gave em a tsp of Botanicare Power Plant with a 1/4 tsp of SuperThrive. Going to continue with the superthrive with every water, my current fert plan is 1 watering with superthrive and nutes, then 2 more waterings with plain H2O, then give em the nutes again, and this time im going to bump the Botanicare up to 2 tsp a gallon. A week and a half till flower!! Enjoy the rest of the pics. 05/20/06
Plant#1 2.5 wks Notice the yellowing of the bottom leaves, I started it on some food yesterday, hope it perks up before flower. 05/20/06
Plant#2 2.5 wks Great looking leaves, lush compact growth, what I expect from organics and a MH bulb. I just wonder why certain plants are thriving yet others are sluggish...I guess this is the price of bagseed genetics. 05/20/06
Plant#3 2.5 wks Another with great growth, notice the leaf curl that was there 7 days ago is almost nonexistent. I think moving the lamp up helped a bunch in this case. 05/20/06

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