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DescriptionWell Wheeping Willow died so i harvested it early but Chronic Haze is still going youll see everything in the pictures except the Chronic Haze Harvest
# Plants2
StrainsWheeping Willow / Chronic Haze
Lights2, 250watt Bulbs 660watt lamp
Mediumyou expect me to know?
Yield5-25 Ounces
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When They Where Little umm...about a few weeks old 05/07/06
Them 1-2 months This is them at about 2 months old at this point the big one became a monster it just sprouted up like a rocket 05/07/06
Ok lets get this straight The Left one is Wheeping Willow. and the Right one is Chronic Haze 05/07/06
Biggest Leaf This was on the Wheeping Willow it was the biggest 05/07/06
Biggest Leaf This is the biggest one off the Chronic Haze 05/07/06
This is a small pic This was taken with a Cell Phone and its just now starting to bud 05/07/06
Wheeping Willow Now this is the big mother fucker...but i had to harvest her early due to a fatal fall 05/07/06
Chronic Haze Split?.. This is where the Chronic Haze split by its self cause i guess it felt like spliting witch made the plant 2X'S better 05/07/06
Nicer picture This is a perfect almost picture of the Chronic 05/07/06
Wanna Buy a Plant? HAHAHA JOKES ON YOU!! thats the bucket of my plants where Chronic Haze is and i got the for sale thing off 2 sub woofers im not a dealer...just a Cultivational Grower 05/07/06

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