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DescriptionA little garden complete with marigolds, sage, sunflowers, and four or five lovely little camouflaged plants in my white-collar-teacher-backyard.
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LightsMr. Sun
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Just a Baby Approximately 3 weeks from planting; notice the incense stick used as a stake. 05/30/06
First Spread Lovely - paranoid me has several types of cover plants: marigold, sunflower, morning glory and climbing ivy. 05/30/06
Top-down A top-down view of spreads. 05/30/06
Height Size perspective; compare the height of the edger fence with later pics. 05/30/06
Spot the Pot Edger fence comparison - can you spot the pot? 05/30/06
Cover growth 2 different types of sunflowers, marigolds, geraniums, etc. - edger fence again for perspective. 05/30/06
Babies? They're not really babies any more... nice leaf spread! 05/30/06
Straight Down + present Top-down view - I later ended up losing one of these three, but darned if I know why. It just decided in the course of a day to wither. 05/30/06
Growth! Looks darned good so far. 05/30/06
Vegetative growth 06/02/06

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