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  RX420 (PHATBUDZZ420) #1 (Avg Rating: in 2899 votes)   California
DescriptionThis is my medical marijuana garden.This garden is grown in the classic SEA OF GREEN method. I have 5 mothers that I clone from, 2-ULTRA SKUNK and 1-BIG FATTY XXL and 1-AK-47 1-BLUEBERRY. They are kept under 18/6 80wFl. Clones are kept under 24hour light 2x32w Fl. Clones are also on a seedling heat mat and thermostat. The flowering room is 2' x 3' closet with mylar lined walls. I vented my 250/400w HPS to the roof with a squirrl cage exhaust fan. The room gets fresh air from an intake from the kitchen. MEDIUMS- I grow my mothers in SOIL (FOX FARM) and use the FOX FARM fert also for them. I clone using 2"rock wool cubes and flower in rockwool and hydrocorn in a 2'x 2'ebb and flow tray and 5gal resivoir. I have a Tri-meter for Ph/PPM/TEMP monitoring. LEGALIZE IT! END THE WAR!
# Plants6
Strains4 uLTRA skunk, 2 BIG fAtTy XXXL
Lights1x250w HPS 1X400w HPS
Mediumrockwool/hydrocorn soil-mothers
Yield164GR 6 PLANTS
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DELIVERY TOOLZ 1 Some of mah favorite toolz. 01/04/02
DELIVERY TOOLZ 2 the infamous 4' (man itz a killer) 01/04/02
WSL water pipe 2' WSL glass pipe. 01/04/02
THE FLOWERING ROOM u would never know... 01/04/02
INSIDE VIEW 1 across the room view 01/04/02
INSIDE VIEW 3 another inside view. 01/04/02
VENT AND EXHAUST the exhaust/intake system 01/04/02
HPS LIGHT 250w HPS 01/04/02
INTAKE THRIP TRAP intake with a thrip net trap at the end. 01/04/02
01_04_02_day5_flower_US1 lovely ultraskunk 01/04/02

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