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DescriptionThis is my first project ever. The hydro system and setup is based on the "Cronic" video that was found online. All plants were started from "Bubble Gum" seeds.
# Plants4
StrainsBubble Gum
Lights400watt hps
MediumRockwool and clay pellets
Yieldnone yet
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Plants @ 2.5 weeks Plants 1 @ 2 in the back were started from seed 2.5 weeks ago. Seedlings are a week old. 05/17/05
Newest members Only one seen here but both are same size. Plants are 1 week from being put in the Rockwool. Growing on h2o and superthrive. 05/17/05
Mother # 1 Mother #1 at 2.5 weeks 05/17/05
Mother # 2 I think some heat stress here, moved the lamps. 05/17/05
Cheap Drip Hydro System 05/19/05
Cheap FLood Hydro System 05/19/05
5 by 10 foot hydro system Grow room is 5 by 5 2x4 framed covered in black plastic. Exhaust is out a 4 inch dryer hose to a 4 inch muffen fan booster to go out the laundry room vent. 05/19/05
5 by 10 foot hydro system - flow Flowering room is 5 by 5 2x4 framed covered in black plastic. This setup is still under construction. Will run 6 inch vent line to the New Bigger dryer vent hole. 05/19/05
Light Setup 05/19/05
Project Expansion Figured out a better layout fpr the space. So this will yeld the mothers and clones for what I hope to be a 5 plant a month harvest. 05/26/05

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