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DescriptionAll these are bag-seeds, but all but one are from some shit that made my friend passout after half a joint between three people, so im hopeing they grow well. This is up to keep the homies updated on my greenthumb hobby.
# Plants2
StrainsAwsome bagseed
LightsFlouresenct Daylight,, 60w bulb
MediumMiracle Grow Soil
Yield100 Pounds....heh
First Marijuana Picture

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Beginning set-up This is where the plants are starting out, till i set-up a bigger one. 08/04/03
1 1/2 weeks One and a half weeks, Sorry about the blurryness, I'll work on it. 08/04/03
11 Days Not much to say but...GROW BABY GROW! 08/06/03
Set-up The box of Inlightenment. 08/06/03
12 Days Comeing along nicely. 08/07/03
New layout Replanted them all in there own. Thankfully none of them died in the process 08/08/03
New setup This is the new hiding place. 08/15/03
20 Days Inside the new "Hang out" Not growing very much, need more light, i got my eye on a $40 High pressure sodium 400w light.But i might wait till i get the permanent grow spot, So better luck on the "Second Logical Attempt" 08/15/03
26 Days My friend gave me one of his, it's prolly a lil' over a month old now. One of mine died... 08/22/03
27 Days Looking better and better each day, I lost another one of the plants, and i mutalated the one on the right, for expierimentation. Check out page two!!!!!! 08/22/03

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