-How I went from Chronic to clean in 36 hours-


Background Tests4Less.com came to me offering an affiliate program so I could get some kickbacks on sales of their products. I'd always wondered if the detoxification products actually worked so I told them to give me a bottle of the XXtra Clean and I'd give it a test to see if they could really do what they said.

I had nothing to lose, if I failed the drug test I would get to try out Detoxify's double money back guarantee, so either way I got to test the validity of the claims. I decided on XXTra Clean because it is a "CLINICALLY-TESTED FORMULA FOR PEOPLE WITH HIGHER TOXIN LEVELS OR LARGER BODY MASS." I fall into at least one of those categories if not both.

Profile: At test time I am a 28 year old 5'8" Male weighing 163lbs BMI 24 (slightly overweight). I have smoked bud (only chronic of course) every day for the last....well lets just say I'm a daily smoker.
I was skeptical I could pass a test but knew that if I could, anyone could.
Test Center I looked in the phone book for a testing center and found one named Continental Compliance, I called and verified they were DOT Compliant and met all federal standards. Once everything sounded good I made an appointment. I did a quick search on the web and found references to them on the U.S. Coast Guard site and in some San Simon Unified School District meeting minutes. This made me confident the test would be valid.
Preparation I didn't really follow the directions on the product (to be honest I didn't read all of them till the morning of the test). You should probably follow all the product guidelines if your test is important. It didn't matter if I failed so I wanted to give it a good test, somewhere between being prepared and a surprise test.

Here is what I did leading up to the test:

Saturday March 23 12:00 Noon - typical Saturday. A couple buddies showed up at my door. We had a couple bong rips of some chronic and went to breakfast. Two bottles of champagne at breakfast then off to play some pool.

Saturday March 23 3:00pm - Headed back home, took two more stacks off the 1.5 footer, always chronic. Watched some Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Saturday March 23 10:00pm - with my test scheduled for 10:00am Monday (36 hours away) I decided it was time to stop smoking...so I pull two more 1.5 foot stacks and sit down to watch Family Man I had received from netflix (promoted from not entertaining to slightly entertaining by the two stacks). I should have started drinking water at this point but oh well.

Sunday March 24 1:00PM - decided to start drinking some water 32oz.

Sunday March 24 3:00PM - 32oz H2O

Sunday March 24 4:20PM - 2 bottles of Guiness (you really shouldn't drink the day before or day of your test) Here again I hadn't read the instructions and couldn't let a perfectly good Sunday afternoon 4:20 go to waste.

Sunday March 24 5:00PM - 32oz H2O

Sunday March 24 7:00PM - 32oz H2O

Sunday March 24 9:00PM - 32oz H2O

Sunday March 24 11:00PM - 32oz H2O

Monday March 25 8:00AM - 16oz H2O - 1 plain croissante

Monday March 25 8:30AM - Mixed the included small green vial of XXTRACT in with the 20oz bottle of XXtra Clean. The liquid is very thick, like jello before it sets. The taste was not great but it was not awful. It actually seemed to burn my throat slightly as it went down.

Monday March 25 8:45AM - As directed filled XXtra Clean bottle with water and drank (20oz)

Monday March 25 9:00AM - Filled XXtra Clean bottle with water and drank (20oz) - Urinated

Monday March 25 9:15AM - Filled XXtra Clean bottle with water and drank (20oz) - Urinated

Monday March 25 9:30AM - 20oz H2O - Urinated left for test another 20oz H20 on the drive

Test Monday March 25 10:10am - I arrived at the testing center shortly after 10am. I signed in and rang the bell. This company is a valid testing center for many businesses including the Department of Transporation so they had a lot of regulations to follow. This is exactly what I wanted. They gave me the option (since the reason I gave for the testing was personal) to have a cheaper test done that could have results immediatly. I told them "No, I want the full deal, lab workup and everything."

I was invited to come through the door into their back room. For some reason I was not allowed to walk behind the person who was with me. They told me to go to a point down the hall and they followed me. When I arrived at that point there was a large counter to the left. I was instructed to go stand in front of the counter.

They required me to show them a valid ID and required my SSN# and other information. Filling out these forms was starting to become a hassle because I really had to pee bad at this point. It was already 10:20 by this point and I was also starting to worry that it had been so long since I last urinated (nearly an hour) that I would test positive. Once all the forms were filled out we could begin the process of the test:

  • First I was required to remove everything from my pockets.
  • Next I was required to go to a sink in the bathroom behind me and wash and dry my hands. - This is to prevent you from bringing in anything to doctor the sample, ie: bleach or some other item to try to ruin or clean the sample.
  • Then I was provided with two different specimen collection packets and was allowed to choose one of the two.
  • After I chose the tester opened the packet and prepared some labels. She handed me a specimen collection cup and told me to follow her into the bathroom.
  • Inside the bathroom she put tape over the faucet and instructed me to fill the cup to a certain line and not to flush the toilet or run the faucet.
  • Toilet water was blue, I believe this serves two purposes. 1. You can't use the toilet water to dilute your sample and 2. the blue water would help detect if I had tried to add something to my sample and threw the rest or packaging in the toilet - hence the no flushing rule.
  • I let a little sample go in the toilet and then filled the specimen cup to the desired level.
  • Once I had finished draining I went back outside and was required to place the cup in a little circle on the counter. This cup had a temperature meter on the side and the first thing the tester did was check out what the temperature of the sample was. Too hot or too cold and you have a failure. This is an attempt to prevent people from bringing in clean urine to put in the cup. I belive I could have gotten away with a tube under the sack to deliver clean urine but keeping it at just the right temperature would be tough.
  • Next the tester checked out the bathroom the toilet and faucet.
  • Finally the sample was sealed and I was required to sign the label.
Results PASS - I was as suprised as anyone!! Click Here To View Actual Test Results

You will notice in the comments section that it says "Dilute Specimen Creatinine < 20 MG/DL / Specific Gravity < 1.003".

This worried me slightly, I didn't want to pass this test and have someone else fail because of a dilute sample so I inquired further. The lady said "It just means you drank some water before the test". So I said "Yeah OK but could this ever cause a re-test or a failure?". The response was "No, If you had actually tested dilute that WOULD BE A FAILURE" It was at this point I knew I had actually just passed this test and that Anyone can pass their urine test using XXtra Clean.

I am actually really stoked on these results becuase it gives me confidence that we can fight back against this intrusion into our personal lives.

I always thought it was so stupid that some crack head could get high on Friday and test clean on Monday, while I could smoke a joint and be positive for up to 30 days! I mean what if I was in Amsterdamn when I smoked it and now I am back at work 3 weeks later. I broke no laws and I'm not high at work but still I would test positive for Marijuana. B.S.!!

XXtra Clean recommends(but does not require) you stay clean for 48 hours - I stayed clean for 36.
XXtra Clean says not to drink any alcohol - oops, just 2 beers....
XXtra CLean says to exercise the week preceeding - I played some raquetball about 3 weeks ago, does that count?

If you have a test to pass I really recommend you stay clean for 30 days before the test. However if for some reason you cannot, don't want to, or the test is a surprise I belive you can feel confident in using XXtra Clean to pass your test. One thing tho, even tho I didn't follow all the recommended guidelines leading up to the test I would recommend you do. I wanted to give a good test of the product and I believe I have.

So if you need to pass a test on short notice stock up on some XXtra Clean I am so surprised that I passed this test that I can honestly give XXtra Clean my stamp of approval.

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